Dream home away from home

Romantic Holiday Hideaway in Gaucín, Andalucía, Southern Spain

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Cat and garden at Casa Mosaica
From: Jones family, UK
Date of Stay: August 2016

Thank you for our stay in such a beautiful place, we loved everything about it, especially the cats! Thank you also for the Moroccan bread and olives from Tangier - we will always remember this place and it beautiful mosaics!

From: Four friends from Holland
Date of Stay: June 2016

We arrived, opened the door and felt like in another world. A place just for us. Took photos, sang, made a movie, giggled and wondered. We just felt at home from the beginning. Such a beautiful amazing home in a wonderful "city". Fantastic pool and garden and the housebook is full of great advise and ideas. Thank you Emma for giving us "Your Casa as our Casa". All the best.
View of mountains from Casa Mosaica
From: Ewan & Cristy, London
Date of Stay: June 2016

We wish we could take your garden home with us! So lovely to see it in bloom. Another perfect holiday with memories to last for years. Look forward to returning!

From: Regula & Jorg. Burglen, Switzerland
Date of Stay: April/May 2016

We love this house which gave us so much beauty and comfort even in the rainy times. Thank you Emma for your generous way. We hope to come back. All the best for you!
flowering plants in the garden at Casa Mosaica
From: Jane & Guy, UK
Date of Stay: April 2016
Thank you for sharing your house with us and we especially loved the garden - private and an oasis of calm. Zahara de La Sierra was beautiful and we loved "Al Largo" also the old village of Castella de la Frontera, climbing to the castle and of course Ronda.

From: Lesley & Jerry, Wells, UK
Date of Stay: Easter 2016
Our tour of Moorish Spain ended here for 4 nights over Easter. What a lovely inspiring place to spend time in and to experience the bull run! Thank you.

From: Tom & Maijke, Belgium
Date of Stay: March 2016
Enjoyed our breakfasts in the sun in the garden, absolutely loved the house, will miss the cats! (and the Andalucian panoramic views and blue skies).
homely touches at Casa Mosaica
From: Frances and friends, Durham University
Date of Stay: September 2015

"La Vida esta hecha de dias que no significan nada, y momentos que significan todo"... my favourite Spanish saying, as this is so true of Casa Mosaica!

My 4th consecutive summer here, I had so many fond memories of this amazing place before my visit this year and I am so happy that I have even more to add to my collection. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be, Casa Mosaica and Gaucin have become much more to me than just a second home, it’s my paradise. I will be back very soon!
potted plants in the garden at Casa Mosaica
From: Amanda and John, Northern Ireland
Date of Stay: September 2015

We had a lovely time in Gaucin and were extremely happy with our accommodation. Your home is beautiful and the surroundings were conducive to blissful rest and relaxation. The weather was perfect for us.

To top it all, we loved Geoffrey and Kevin who made us feel very at home. Geoffrey, in particular, is quite a character and was rather difficult to shift at times!

Thank you so much for your hospitality and for being such a pleasure to communicate with. We would love to return to Casa Mosaica
beautiful mosaics at Casa Mosaica
From: Diana & Larry
Date of Stay: August 2015

You have created such a beautiful, special spot on this earth, we will forever be thankful we found it.
One of the very friendly cats at Casa Mosaica
From: Baughman family, Portland USA
Date of Stay: August 2015

Thank you. What a spectacular week. We are lucky to have spent time in your paradise. Thanks Emma, this place is amazing! We loved the pool and adored the cats. Sad to leave.
burro at the fountain in the village of Gaucín
From: Christine and friends, UK
Date of Stay: August 2015

We came this year for a special celebration and it could not have been better. All parties had a terrific time in the very special place. We will return.
exotic plants in the garden at Casa Mosaica
From: Walley family, Cheshire
Date of Stay: June 2015

We have thoroughly enjoyed our week here at Casa Mosaica. The house is beautiful and we don’t want to leave!!
flowers in the garden at Casa Mosaica
From: Kate & Meg, Australia
Date of Stay: June 2015

You have created a beautiful sanctuary at Casa Mosaica and we are sad to leave. Meg is very attached to Geoffrey and I am attached to your house and garden. Hope to be back soon.