Dream home away from home

Romantic Holiday Hideaway in Gaucín, Andalucía, Southern Spain

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From: TripAdvisor Review
Date of stay: October 2018
Rented both the apartment and the casita

Wow! What a place! This place is absolutely beautiful, peaceful and so relaxing. If you are into moorish design, paradise gardens within a lovely Spanish mountain pueblos blanco, yet close to the coast and other places of interest, then this place has it all. There are fabulous mosaics throughout the property and gardens which are stunning and inspiring. We feel as if we are in the grounds of a beautiful ryiad yet outside the walls is an equally beautiful white Spanish mountain town. Stay here and you will immediately feel relaxed. We loved it there and the lovely owner made sure we were well looked after.
From: Siemco & Roland, Holland
Date of stay: October 2018

Beautiful place. Just like the fairytale of 1001 nights. Thanks.
From: Brian and Wendy, Canada
Date of stay: September 2018

Gaucin is a charming town and Casa Mosaica is a perfect oasis to explore it from. We loved the stunning scenery, great food, beautiful mosaics, lovely pool and yes...Kevin and Geoffrey too! Thank you Emma & Casa Mosaica for a lovely week.
From: Watts family, UK
Date of stay: September 2018

What a lovely place Gaucin is, so much good food here and the people are so friendly. The deli is great and well worth a visit, superb food. House fantastic, thank you Emma and team. Will be back I think somehow!
From: Simon Norridge (from Google reviews)
Date of stay: August 2018

Five stars are inadequate. Best house we have stayed in over 25 years of holiday rentals. You feel more like a house guest than a renter. Beautiful property, so well kept and equipped. Ruffi and her family very lovely and helpful. Emma could not have done more to make us feel at home. Very much hope to go back next year and the next and the next... It helps that Gaucin is also Paradise!!!
From: TripAdvisor Review
Date of stay: August 2018

The accommodation was definitely the best we have ever stayed in. The attention to detail throughout was absolutely fantastic and it felt luxurious. The mosaic decoration throughout was stunning. There is nothing that I could fault whatsoever. We used both the garden and the poolside terrace and each of them provided a wonderful relaxing place to sit, eat dinner and drink wine. The cats Geoffrey and Kevin were very friendly and were always pleased to see us. The village is very picturesque and we enjoyed walking around in the cooler periods of the day. There are some lovely restaurants to eat in and we would often have a glass of wine by the fountain in the evening. Although it is quite far away, there is a very large Carrefour in Estepona which has the largest fresh fish counter I have ever seen - it's definitely worth going to see it.
From: Norridge family 
Date of stay: August/September 2018 

Gaucin has had such a very special place in our hearts since our fist visit in 1993, and after an interval of 14 years it has not disappointed and it is just as difficult to tear ourselves away...thank you Emma, Kevin & Geoffrey for the loan of your beautiful home, quite the loveliest and best equipped we've ever let. A magical week and a wonderful place to celebrate Ella's 21st birthday, hasta luego
Date of stay: August 2018 

Beautiful place to stay. It is definitely the most luxurious we've ever stayed in. Geoffrey & Kevin (the 2 additional house guests) were very welcoming too!
From: Pett Family
Date of Stay: July 2018 

Another fabulous holiday in this beautiful house - a home away from home, complete with 2 great cats, Geoffrey & Kevin! We love this place and we love Gaucin...we hope we can return in 2019! All the best to you all - a fabulous team!
From: Manou family, Paris
Date of Stay: New Year 2018

Thank you for your amazing home!  It is an architectural nest that we enjoy very much! Such a taste!  We are going back hoping to be back during the summer to enjoy the pool! Just fabulous!!! Thanks Emma! PS: Geoffrey & Kevin are awesome!