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Casa Mosaica Newsletters
Welcome to the spring newsletter and to three exciting new restaurants in the village. Today I’m going to focus on Azulete where I have now almost eaten my way from the top to the bottom of the small but delicious menu. Azulete's mission is to introduce refined Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine to Gaucin...using only very fresh seasonal market produce, local meat and fish and...they have some delicious local wines on the menu, not to mention the olive oil, which is heavenly and beautifully aromatic.

I have to start this winter newsletter in true British style, by talking about the weather! Surprised residents of Gaucin woke up to these stunning views on 19th January 2017, the most snow in over 35 years.

I hope you have all had a relaxing summer. We have had a super holiday season in Gaucin this year with lots going on in the village which was made especially decorative by the local ladies and their sewing group who celebrated “Semana Cultural” in the village with this pretty “crochet art”....creating stunning areas of colour and shade in the village.

On 30th April 2016 French troops invaded Gaucín from the West! In a re-enactment of the invasion of Napoleonic troops during the Wars of Independence of 1808/10 by the historicalcultural association ‘Villa de El Bosque’ (dressed as the French army)!

Very Happy New Year to all guests and friends of Casa Mosaica...
“The merry year is born like the bright berry from the naked thorn.” (Coleridge)
Sitting in very grey, cold London, writing this whilst dreaming of blue skies and palm trees in Andalucia. Christmas in Gaucin this year was wonderful. We cooked turkey for 14 and the house was completely full of house guests, friends and family.