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Gaucin hilltop
Dear Guests and friends of Casa Mosaica,

I write to you from another lockdown in Somerset UK and with so much longing to get back to Gaucín. I hope you are managing to stay well and finding some positives during this difficult time. I see it is 18 degs and full sun on the top of that mountain as I write, but it’s true they have also had quite a fair bit of rain this year so far, gentle rain I gather, which will mean lovely wild flowers and fuller rivers this spring and summer, which everyone longs for.

Looking back at my photographs from lockdown last year, the garden should be starting to come to life with the early flowering plants: mimosa, camellias, early jasmine and the fruit trees laden (if there’s any left after the marmalade season) although I guess the almond blossom will already be over, I do love the blossoms…….. Ahhh I wish I could be there!
Casa Mosaica garden and fruit tree on sidewalk Spring blossoms in Gaucin
I read this interesting piece in the Sunday Times Travel Section the other day, by Mike Gooley, Trailfinders founder and Chairman who writes:
'When we return to “peacetime” there’s going to be a desperate shortage of aircraft seats. There would be anyway because of the pent-up demand, but also because this idea that you just lay the aircraft and crew back on again is flawed. And when that shortage kicks in you can’t begrudge the airlines jacking their fares up. So getting you booking in now is important, We’re booking customers for the end of 2022.'
On that basis, I have extended my calendar until the end of 2022 and my rental rates will remain the same until then (despite a significant Brexit tax rise). I think we have all had a difficult enough year and if anyone wants to book even further ahead, I am open to enquiries.

A lot of people will be longing for a nice holiday, a family reunion perhaps? Booking Casa Mosaica as a private villa with exclusive use of the pool and garden is a great choice for up to 6++ guests, please see further details on CM website Pool and terrace at Casa Mosaica
Or the Casita for those honeymoon couples who have had to delay their special moment:
'We were so lucky to have found this place and chosen it for our honeymoon. Xxx' (from the Casita reviews page).

I’m also delighted to announce that Casa Mosaica was the happy recipient of another award from Tripadvisor in 2020, I am very grateful and please do spread the word. More about this years travel at the end of this newsletter.

Original geese mosaic Does anyone recognise this image? Or almost? (our version is the other way around.* ) Or perhaps you read the articles in The Mail or The Sun recently?
'Stunning 4,600 year-old artwork dubbed “MONA LISA OF ANCIENT EGYPT” reveals EXTINCT animal.'
It seems, what were always thought of as a pair of “Red Breasted geese” are in fact an extinct goose variety. Apart from the extinct goose, which was a great pity, I was thrilled by this article as I never knew the original tiny tomb painting made using special techniques, which resulted in the vividly coloured scenes was know as “The Mona Lisa of Ancient Egypt”, we had always called it the Geese of Meidum. The Mona Lisa of Ancient Egypt is a much more glamorous name! I like it!

It was discovered in 1831 in Meidum, Lower Egypt in the Tombe of Prince Nefermaat 1 and his wife Ifet. In 2015 a researcher suggested it could be a fake, which was dismissed later. Geese mosaic in kitchen at Casa Mosaica The original can be seen in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In 2013 we went on a wonderful trip to Egypt, but very sadly were not able to get to the Museum as it was deemed too dangerous at that time, instability was building up to the coup d’état later that year.

Or... much safer, come and see a huge, reversed, mosaic version at Casa Mosaica Apartment!
* I probably have to be responsible for the reversal. From the tiny image we started with, I enlarged the drawing in proportion with an epidiascope, to fit the space available in the apartment kitchen. The mosaic is then made in reverse so that the finished mosaic has a flat surface (hand-cut tesserae are very uneven) the drawing SHOULD have been reversed before the mosaic began. Mi culpa!
Moorish ruins in Gaucin From the ruins of our Roman / Moorish “Castillo Del Aguila”, “Eagle’s Castle” to (a mosaic copy of) The Mona Lisa of Egypt, we have it all in Gaucin! Including La Fructuosa with it’s wonderful music nights, several delicious restaurants (including 2 new ones to try this year), many great tapas bars, wonderful food shops as well as amazing views and sunshine! We are blessed, it’s a truly wonderful village. Gaucin from above Gaucin from above
We are also starting to feel more positive about travelling abroad this summer and glad that we at least have a date, 17th May, from the UK Gov. I understand from the papers that Spain is working towards allowing tourism to start on the same date, to co-inside with an International Tourism Fair, although there seems to also be some talk that the date might be brought forward in line with other countries looking for tourism to start as soon as possible.

There may be the possibility of health passports coming in and they may still demand a negative covid test before flying we will have to wait and see about that. I understand a report looking at rebooting international travel will be published on April 12th which I hope will provide more clarity to us all. Spain has never insisted on isolation on arrival but at the moment only residents can enter until 30th March. I have signed up for regular emails from GOV.UK on Spain travel advice, which keeps me informed and might be helpful to you too.

I also have regular up-to-date local news from the village about what is going on regarding the pandemic and what is open and allowed, whether I am in Gaucín or in Somerset , so if anyone needs further information before travelling, or planning don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Next newsletter I promise more up-to-date news and photos from Gaucín. I leave you with these 2 beautiful boys and my TA award, many thanks to those guests who leave generous reviews, it’s very much appreciated.

Best wishes from all the Casa Mosaica team, Emma.
Casa Mosaica cats and TA Award