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Dear Guests and friends of Casa Mosaica,

Well, what a strange and difficult year. I do hope this Christmas newsletter finds you feeling positive about good things to come in 2021...

Firstly, all of us at Casa Mosaica want to wish you a Happy Christmas, so with a little help from my furry friends Kevin & Geoffrey...”We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year”...

Kevin & Geoffrey Happy Christmas Gaucín town hall made a huge effort tomake the village look festive, with the pretty blue Christmas tree and handmade decorations dotted around the streets made by the village art group. We had some lovely November and December sunny weather as well as some much needed rain, the river looks more abundant and the countryside nice and green by the time we left Gaucín last week for Christmas in the UK. Unfortunately there were some cases of Covid in the village, but thankfully no one was hospitalised and it all seems to be safely under control now.

I do hope you have all remained safe, well and happy under the extremely difficult circumstances we have all had to cope with this year.

We are extremely fortunate to have some exciting new things happening in the village. Clara Vichi has opened a wonderful second hand book shop in Calle Larga/Cañamaque, so no need to fill your suitcase with books for your next holiday here, just pop down to see Clara when you arrive! She supplies the Gaucin Writers Short Story Collections and Karen Considine’s new book “Penelope’s Route”, which I wrote about in my last newsletter. Her shop, one of the prettiest old houses in the road up towards the church was also the venue for a select Christmas fair this year, with lovely things mostly made by people from the village. New second hand bookshop in Gaucín
New second hand bookshop in Gaucín There are so many creative people in the village, Gaucín and some of the other villages around certainly seems to attract them.

The Town Hall have made an exciting new space for a sensational gallery in the Old Convento, which has finally been renovated, re-painted and a raised gallery built to view art works. There is currently a Christmas show where some of the local artists are exhibiting, while next year for Art Gaucin / Open Studios, usually 2 weekends at the end of May, beginning of June it will be brimming with wonderful paintings and sculptures and well worth a visit.
Good news from the Gaucín restaurant community; one of our favourite restaurant’s Azulette has found a new owner and will be up and running next year, so we will be looking forward to that. And here is a photo I took last week of the delicious looking, abundant organic veg from the Tienda Verde. They also sell traditional hand-made artisan baskets of all shapes and sizes as well as lots of gift items which are nice to take home and well worth a visit, when you are next here. They deliver veg boxes around the village too which is useful. Tienda Verde The remaining 3 (out of the original 6) Phoenix Canariensis palm trees at Casa Mosaica had a much needed hair cut this month, it’s important to trim them in cold weather and get rid of the branches immediately as well as spray them with disinfectant to control the invasive Asian palm weevil, which has already killed a lot of local trees. Luckily we have great local arborists who know how to look after them, and Raffael somehow manages to spray them regularly too. They can grow up to 40 meters! They do look magnificent with a full head and fruit, but the Casita palm in particular was almost INSIDE the top terrace!
Palm trees at Casa Mosaica
I leave you with this photo of how the ladies of Seville make mask wearing extremely glamorous, and my 2 adorable fluffy friends, who naughty have taken their masks off!!

Have a very happy Christmas, and here’s to a peaceful and more normal 2021 when we hope to see some of you back at Casa Mosaica. Please do contact me for further information.

Very best wishes, from us all, Emma, Ruffi, Raffa, K & G.
Ladies wearing masks and kitties at Casa Mosaica