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Very Happy New Year to all guests and friends of Casa Mosaica...
“The merry year is born like the bright berry from the naked thorn.” (Coleridge)
Sitting in very grey, cold London, writing this whilst dreaming of blue skies and palm trees in Andalucia. Christmas in Gaucin this year was wonderful. We cooked turkey for 14 and the house was completely full of house guests, friends and family.
Christmas dinner in Gaucin
Christmas dinner in Gaucin

Roaring log fire The winter sunshine combined with roaring log fires and long walks after a traditionally huge meal are great spent in Gaucin. If any guests would like to spend Christmas at Casa Mosaica one year, I can provide a Christmas tree and decorations! It is even possible to buy organic turkey and all the traditional trimmings as you can see here.

The Spanish children have to wait until 3 Kings, (Epiphany) 12th night for their presents. In Gaucin the 3 kings, village men, heavily disguised behind long kingly beards, wigs, cloaks and mounted on fine Andalucian steeds ride through the narrow streets of the village handing out sweeties. The obligatory town band leading the way and the crowds following behind.
3 Kings Processions
3 Kings Processions

The creative ladies from the sewing class of Gaucin really did “Knitt” the 2015 village Christmas tree AND a different “christmas sock” (can’t think of a better word?) for each lamp post in the village, as well as decorating their houses with escaping or invading Father Christmases and other novelties know only to this village!
Sewing/Knitting Ladies
Lamp post sock

Father Christmas Escaping
Decorated Door

Meanwhile, up on the top of Sierra de Hatcho mountain 3,320ft (1,012m) on Boxing Day (26th December 2015)...the Extreme Sport/Performance Art... EXTREME IRONING, was practiced by my nephew Louis (18). Purists claim the sport was started in 1997 in Leicester, UK. For more information follow this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_ironing. Extreme Ironing Extreme Ironing

Cat in wrapping paper
Lots of weeks still available to book for 2016 in the Casa Mosaica apartment and prices remain the same as last year, making a week from 640 GBP very good value for 4 people. I hope to see you in 2016, and if you need any special information please do contact me.

Best wishes as usual from,
Kevin, Geoffrey and Emma
Cat at window