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Romantic Holiday Hideaway in Gaucín, Andalucía, Southern Spain

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I hope you are enjoying the summer holidays wherever you are this year.

Since I last wrote in April we have had a very busy summer in Gaucin. As you can see by the picture below, Casa Mosaica was almost swallowed up by the sweetie stall at this years Annual Feria from the 2nd - 6th August. The Feria is a vestige of the ancient livestock fair, the event is now in honour of patron Virgen de las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows). The Gaucin Feria sweeties stall
Dodgems at the fair
The dodgems being erected outside Casa Mosaica, which completed the disappearing act when they were up! The village streets and the children dressed for the party, the band playing and the “Caballeros” on their prancing Andalusian horses - this all happening right outside the door of Casa Mosaica. Each year I forget how loud it can get from about midnight, until sometimes 9am on the Friday and Saturday nights, the dodgems having their own music, the live band in the “Pavillion” and the disco behind CM pool!

Thursday, the opening night is very traditional and charming and on Sunday the Mayor offers everyone, including tourists free paella, sherry and dancing in the Pavillion while the Caballeros wait outside on their horses. But there is still another festival to come in Gaucin Santo Nino and the Romería a la Adelfilla starting 27th August with the Romeria (religious Pilgrimage and lots of horses), daily masses, culminating in parties in the square on 7th and 8th September.
Gaucin Feria Activities
In June, the village sewing club ladies designed and created this colourful bunting to enliven the square and outside Paco Pepe’s, as well as some amazing crocheted grape vines dotted around the town!
Colourful bunting at Paco Pepe's
It was Cultural week from the 17th July, which included a Flamenco Fashion show, an Urban Mile Race, a Jazz night, Rock & Roll with Biagra our brilliant local band and all events free.

Then on the 29th July the “XIX Festival Flamenco del Corcho Valle del Genal” with the amazingly elegant and energetic Alba Heredia dancing absolutely stunning Flamenco.

Back in May; peacefully behind Casa Mosaic’s high wall...we had a super Art Gaucin Open Studio weekend. I usually only participate in one of the 2 weekends and this year CM guests who booked for the last week of May very kindly split their week, coming first to Gaucin before spending the weekend in Seville and returning for more relaxation in Gaucin after Seville: Thus very conveniently allowing me to show the the mosaic installations throughout both houses and the gardens to visitors interested in mosaics.
Mosaic entwined initials This year I showed a new super simple, but beautiful big table on my top terrace, designed especially to work with the Classic Roman rug on the floor as well as this idea for a bespoke wedding presents - entwined initials.

You can follow Casa Mosaica Studio on Facebook to see more about mosaics or contact me directly.
Mosaic rug and table
For 2018 I am making the changeover day for both La Casita and the Apartment on a Saturday so both houses can be rented at once to make a super large private space for families and or special occasions as I have had several enquiries about this. However I have already had huge interest in summer 2018.

This winter and spring I am offering rentals of a month in La Casita. If you know anyone who is interested in a hideaway in the mountains please ask them to contact me for prices and further information. If you don’t know the interior of La Casita please see more photos on the web page.
Casita Mosaica Casita Mosaica
The winter, Christmas and early spring months are a wonderful time to visit Gaucin (I almost prefer it) as there are so many stunning cities and towns to visit and so much to do in the area, including the walking and birdwatching, usually in good weather, clear skies, without the heat of summer. Peaceful, fabulous views, wonderful walking and riding…ask me more.

Mosaic entwined initials With very best wishes from the entire Casa Mosaica Team:
Ruffi, Raffa, Alex, Andrea, Jim, Charlie, Emma and not forgetting Kevin & Geoffrey