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Casa Mosaica pool and view
After much re-decorating during February and March this year, I can finally show you the results of the new colours I’ve used around the swimming pool courtyard...a much stronger “Moroccan Red” for the walls, new teak sun beds for the pool terraces and chairs for the gardens, a fresh lavender border and new planting in the pots on the terrace. It was nerve racking choosing a strong paint colour for such a large area, especially when you are not on the spot when the painting begins. Thank goodness for the brilliant Sibari, my local painter who did a great job and I think this colour sets off the Olympian Spiral mosaic in a good way. I hope you like it?

Please note I’ve managed to capture 3 house martins in the photo above probably from the Casa Mosaica colony, which increases in size each year. This spring there was often the delightful sight of house martins dipping into the pool, I’m assured it's not to drink but to wet their breasts for part of the mud and nest building process.
new colour of pool and patio Continuing the improvements and Moroccan colours in the entrance hall, with new floor tiles and finally a solution for the slightly scary open staircase is this stunning hand wrought banister rail by the extremely talented metal artist Sebastian Fisher (sebastianfisher.com). the staircase updated
Some gastronomic news from Gaucin: Our wonderful Gaucin restaurants go from strength to strength, as well as all our well loved tapas bars. Azulete’s new sharing and tapas menu is delicious and must be tried. Lola at Teral, is offering a free glass with a meal to any of Casa Mosaica’s guests.

The new owners of La Fructuosa, Daniel Beauvois & Catherine Hunter have introduced live music on Wednesday evenings from their lovely terrace with a great selection of local artists/musicians, including Rocio Jimenez Mariscal - Flamenco. Elizabeth Zeder - Jazz & Blues Songs. Marcus Myers - Guitar & Songs. Lesley Butterfield - Classical piano and Rocio Sanchez Ruiz - Classical Spanish Guitar. Please check their website for further details lafructuosa.com. Catherine has also opened a ceramic workshop and gallery next to the hotel’s front door, opposite Bonissim…. who continue to make delicious take away meals as well. Dining in Gaucin
In the middle of May a group of friends and I had a wonderfully healthy 5 days of hiking, yoga and raw food. We enjoyed all our favourite walks from Gaucin ...around El Hacho and the Smugglers Path especially as the wild flowers were looking very beautiful and magnificent views in all directions. hiking and donkeys on the Smugglers path
A wonderful new walk this year after a short drive to Algatocin started on the far side of the village, walking through and then up above Algatocin looking out onto this stunning Sierra, breathtakingly empty. A walk along The Genal river is another favourite but unless it’s been repaired since mid May the flooding last October damaged the path too badly. The good news for the villages along the train line is that the local trains are now up and running, again after the effects of flooding.

I see from googling “Walking from Gaucin” that there are many published walking tracks in the area. Casita guests in June said the trails were amazing as they are so empty...October and November are great walking months as well as the spring before it get’s too hot and don’t forget to bring your binoculars to see the amazing bird life. View from a walk near Gaucin
Not all guests of course like hiking, and as we well know there are plenty of stunning views from all around the village and plenty of places to stop off for a cool drink and a tapas on the way! Views from the village
Art Gaucin was a great success this year with several more new artists. It was a pleasure getting out to see all the Open Studios for once as I am no longer part of the group having stopped fabricating mosaics for the time being.

We have the Gaucin Flamenco festival coming up on Saturday 27th July, a lovely free evening of flamenco in the square not to be missed if you are in the area. See more details here.

And one last summer week is still available to rent in La Casita Mosaica (sleeps 2) 22nd - 29th July, which includes the flamenco mentioned above, contact me for further details and please share with your friends.

The kitties of Casa Mosaica Best wishes to all guests and friends of Casa Mosaica and especially to our loyal regular visitors and the many guests who return and keep in touch.

From the CM team:
Ruffi, Raffa, me and of course not forgetting Geoffrey and Kevin

Emma V. Cornish