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Outside Casa Mosaica
We are delighted to be back in Gaucín until the end of May. The weather is amazing, far warmer then it should be and there has been very little rain at all this year, so we are all still practicing our rain dances, whilst loving the sunshine. I’ve posted this photo because for once there was not a single car in-front of Casa Mosaica, the sky was so blue and the Jacob tree blossom was looking lovely! As you can see we have been re-painting the wall and the front of the house…..It’s very white, you need strong sunglasses to look at it!

Almond Blossoms at Casa Mosaica
We have just returned from a lovely quiet two week visit to Gaucín. The Spring weather was mixed, some lovely sunshine and a few lunches outside as well as some clouds, wind and a bit of rain. The almond blossom was still beautiful as well as the first wild flowers and the lemon trees were full of fruit. We sadly just missed both Gaucín Carnaval on the 25th & 26th February and Día de Andalucia on the 28th. The village was putting on all sorts of things including concerts, a special lunch with ham tasting, the village band and lots of events for children.

Feria in Gaucín
Dear Guests and friends of Casa Mosaica,

I hope you are all well after a wonderfully warm summer and the very sad period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

We had a wonderful summer in Gaucín this year, and the Feria finally took place on the first weekend in August after a 3 year induced absence, so you can imagine how busy and popular it was. The village was beautifully decorated with coloured streamers and beautiful colourful crochet work to give much needed shade in the streets.

Casa Mosaica
Dear Guests and friends of Casa Mosaica,

I’m sorry I have been rather slow at sending out newsletters this year. On our last trip to Gaucín from mid April to the end of May we were finally able to get out and about and visit some new places, have some lovely experiences and I have something new to write to you about, the restaurants and bars in the village are all open again and travelling is finally easier, we had no problems getting in and out apart from minor delays at Malaga. For anyone flying into Gibraltar, it might be worth printing off your booking form and bringing it with you, just incase you are asked where you are staying.

Casa Mosaica
Dear Guests and friends of Casa Mosaica,

I hope my first newsletter of 2022 finds you well and optimistic; it certainly feels, from where we are currently in the UK that travel should be a lot easier this year, I certainly hope so as I do particularly want to welcome back guests who’s holidays were cancelled in the last 2 years; and sincerely hope that my #travel pledge NHS nominee can finally get to have her free week with us.